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All-In-One License

As of today, KS DB Merge Tools is a set of standalone software applications. We have no any kind of "All-in-one" tool that would allow us to compare any database pair of any supported DBMS. It would be hard to support such a tool for our little team and in fact it is not necessary for most real use cases. However if you have a need to use different our tools for different DBMS, you may obtain an All-In-One license allowing to use all the Pro versions of our tools:

This license allows you to save 50 percent compared to the total cost of all our tools. Moreover, this license is eligible for the renewal discount. That's a big benefit compared to any other discounts which can not be summarized.

Unlike the rest of our licenses, All-In-One license currently can be obtained only as a single-user personal license. Companies and organizations can obtain these licenses for their employees and use it for business, but each license must include an employee name and can not be transferred to a different person. Please contact sales@ksdbmerge.tools for questions about licensing, pricing or ordering.

All-In-One license price (USD, excluding VAT): $225, buy now
Payments are handled externally by PayPro Global (Toronto, Canada), transactions are encrypted and secure