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Compare and synchronize MS Access projects and data

Scroll the gallery and click on the image title to open the use case with detailed steps. Use the Pro/Free toggle to switch application modes, if applicable.

AccdbMerge is an easy to use diff & merge tool for Microsoft Access database files:

  • Compare schema, programming objects and data
  • Quick filters to show all/new/changed/new+changed
  • Merge changes in both directions
  • Lightweight: less than 10 MB
  • Free version with basic features, available for commercial use. No credit card, no registration, no ads, no hidden telemetry.
  • Pro version with whole set of features at a reasonable price. Fully functional two weeks trial available.
  • Supported MS Access versions: from 2007 to 2021 and Microsoft 365
  • Supported file formats: *.accdb, *.mdb, *.mde, *.accde which can be opened in Access on the same computer

Download AccbdMerge

Please open this page on the wide screen to get the Free vs Pro features and pricing overview, or use the menu to get more details.

Free vs Pro at a glance:

Free Pro
Price (USD, excluding VAT): $0
  • Single-user (personal) license:
$75, buy now
  • Multi-user license for companies and organizations:
$95 ~ $40 per user (volume discounts), buy now
  • Payments are handled externally by PayPro Global (Toronto, Canada),
    transactions are encrypted and secure
  • This is a perpetual license including a one-year of free upgrades and support
  • More about purchasing, license types and discounts
Compare schema and programming objects:
  • Table definitions (field name and type) merge new only
  • Queries
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Macros
  • Modules
  • Table definitions (field name, type and properties; indexes; data macros; linked table definitions)
  • Relations
  • Queries
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Macros
  • Modules
  • Import/export specifications
  • Ribbons
  • References diff only
  • Database properties diff only
Compare data:
  • Per table with limitations
  • Per table
  • Per query
  • Batch data diff across multiple tables/queries
  • Any table/query vs any other table/query merge only if target updateable
  • Any custom query result diff only
Other Pro features:
  • N/A
  • Diff profiles
  • Export to Excel
  • Application customization
  • Protected files support
  • Misc. other enhancements: scrollbars colored with changes summary, navigation thru changes, advanced search, etc.
  • More about Pro features

If you have any questions, please contact us.