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What's New

1.4.0, 2024-07-09

- Free & Pro: Activation dialog - fix typo in the 'Information about current license'
- Free & Pro: What's new tab - fix typo in the 'Information about current license'
- Pro: Change format of diff profile files, suggest convertion to the new format on load
- Pro: Diff profile editor - new 'Data slices' section
- Pro: Diff profile editor - 'Show in Batch data diff' option for table mappings and queries
- Pro: Diff profile editor - 'Created' column and sorting on all columns in all grids
- Pro: Batch data diff - options to show 'Custom mappings' and 'Custom queries' from diff profile
- Pro: Batch data diff - 'Create data slice' command
- Pro: Batch data diff - Data slice mode to show data slice, comparing to the regular mode it has data slice name in the tab header, different tab icon and removed 'Create data slice' command
- Pro: Custom data diff - allow to save to diff profile mappings for different tables, title changed to 'Save to diff profile and use by default' for same tables and 'Save to diff profile' in other cases
- Pro: Batch data diff - minor performance improvement for large amount of tables

1.3.1, 2024-06-28

- Free & Pro: Fix table and view columns reading progress indication
- Pro: Batch data diff - support Materialized views
- Pro: Home - support 'Compare data' for materialized views
- Pro: Calculate materialized view dependency level (DL), merge and delete objects by DL
- Pro: View definition diff tab - fix 'Open view definition as text' icon and fix behavior for materialized views

1.3.0, 2024-06-21

- Free & Pro: Exclude materialized views and view logs from tables list
- Free & Pro: Cache potentially large object definitions on disk instead of memory; for views, materialized views, procedures, functions and triggers; and fix related 'out of memory' on database open
- Free & Pro: Find tab - fix default focus on search textbox
- Free & Pro: Check for local cache folder existence on startup
- Pro: Support for materialied views (including indexes and triggers)
- Pro: Support for view triggers
- Pro: Support for getting full view definitions using DBMSMETADATA.GET_DDL
- Pro: New 'View definition diff' tab for views and materialized views
- Pro: Data diff - merge rows of table without DL and having other foreign-key-dependent tables - fix invalid unconditional Id-Remap logic, replaced with unconditional regular data merge (Id-Remap can't be done for tables without DL)
- Pro: Data merge warning dialog - warn about auto-increment merge and non-applicable Id-Remap caused by missing dependency level
- Pro: Data merge - fix ignored saved 'Merge all page' setting in case of Id-Remap confirmation shown (without 'Merge all pages' confirmation)
- Pro: Settings - new sections 'View Definitions' and 'Materialized View Definitions'
- Pro: Query result diff tab - fix default focus on query text
- Pro: Diff profile editor - Created column and sorting on all columns in both grids
- Pro: Query result diff - ask for diff profile title on save
- Pro: Data merge confirmation, copy all results - fix in 1000000 limit message 'Script' -> 'Combined result'
- Free: Text diff - fix missing changes in background highlight on switching text diff options

1.2.4, 2024-05-08

- Free & Pro: Database opening - read view by view dependencies to calculate views dependency level
- Free & Pro: Object list - merge/delete views by dependency level
- Free & Pro: Fix some cases on loading the first database to the left panel even if it was requested to be opened in the right panel
- Free & Pro: Fix 'Value can not be null. Parameter name: key' APEX_040000 schema loading error on Oracle 11g
- Pro: Data diff - Export all pages confirmation dialog
- Pro: Settings - add Data Merge and Data Export sections on Data diff tab
- Pro: Object list - DL (dependency level) toggle and column made available for views
- Pro: Excel exports without opening file - remove hour glass before report completion notification
- Pro: Fix unknown error tab navigation sequence of 'data diff' -> 'table structure diff' -> 'data diff' for one-side only table/db

1.2.3, 2024-04-04

- Free & Pro: EULA updated (divided into sections, more information and clarifications)
- Free & Pro: Home - fix bug 'Open single database, Refresh, and other side loaded with the same DB instead of refresh'
- Free & Pro: SQL syntax highlight - recognize multiline strings
- Free & Pro: What's new - enable word wrap for list of changes to avoid horizontal scroll for long items
- Free & Pro: Text diff - change line numbers to dark-gray to avoid visual confusion with actual text
- Free & Pro: Fix focus on selected tab, switching between data diff tabs and clicking Refresh could produce selection of some other previously focused tab
- Free & Pro: Data diff - add 'Click to sort by this column' column tooltip where applicable
- Pro: Table structure diff - show 'Compare data' and 'Open in Query result diff' buttons for tables missing on other side (or other side db is not loaded at all)
- Pro: Query result diff - fix cases of missing first row selection on Run (and therefore fix missing bottom row grid)
- Pro: Query result diff - clear previous result on subsequent Run
- Pro: Query result diff - handle properly cases when only one side result is available (error on other side, different resultset count, other side returned no table result)
- Pro: Query result diff - error text word wrap, ability to copy, and some other layout updates
- Pro: Query result diff - better error handling of database connection errors
- Pro: Text diff - new 'Show tabs and spaces' toggle
- Pro: Text diff - new bottom line implementation, with selectable text and fixed tabulation width
- Pro: Data diff - allow to compare string values in the separate text diff tab (the up-right arrow near column name in the bottom grid, useful for multiline values)

1.2.2, 2024-03-14

- Free & Pro: Recent database open only if one side has no saved password - fix missing password for other side
- Pro: Query result diff - fix unexpected error on compare by row number then click result column name to sort
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix validation of sorting on more than one non-key column
- Pro: Text diff - change Expand above/below links to folding sections (and fix some syntax highlight issues if it shows new/changed lines)
- Pro: Text diff - if show only new/changed lines, do not hide block containing only one line
- Pro: Text diff - show 'Additional lines' configuration directly in tab and remove it from Settings

1.2.1, 2024-03-02

- Free & Pro: SQL syntax highlight - highlight identifiers and numbers, reduced list of keywords to the most generally used
- Free & Pro: Splash screen
- Free & Pro: Updated application binary protection
- Free & Pro: Fix 'It is an expired trial key' key entry error presentation
- Free & Pro: Data diff - use the same fonts in the merge/delete progress as in other places
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix broken paging on setting up sort order for more than one key
- Pro: Custom data diff - deny sorting on more than one non-key column (not supported)
- Pro: Custom data diff - minor layout adjustments
- Pro: Fix cases of broken Ctrl+C in the new text editor (Query result diff, etc.)

1.2.0, 2024-02-15

- Free & Pro: SQL Syntax highlight in the Text diff, Object list text preview, Merge dialog and Query result diff
- Free & Pro: Home tab - 'Copy all' database progress actions appearing in case of errors
- Free & Pro: Ability to switch to the full screen, with F11 shortcut
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge dialog - fix occasionaly broken table order by name for same DL

1.1.0, 2024-01-30

- Free & Pro: Fix broken Data Diff for binary keys
- Free & Pro: Data merge dialog - change 'Import existing IDENTITY' to 'Import existing identity, sequence or other..' and make applicable for these types of auto-generated primary keys
- Free & Pro: Object list - show object action buttons for new objects or if other side db is not opened (as result, allow to view data)
- Free & Pro: Object list - Drop tables by DL desc then by name, to avoid drop failures caused by foreign keys
- Free & Pro: Do not apply system schema filter for Id-Remap mapping tables
- Free & Pro: Data diff - display short binary values in single quotes (similar to sql presentation)
- Free & Pro: Reduce cases of duplicated ';' in generated scripts
- Free & Pro: Data merge dialog - minor label fixes
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge new feature allowing to merge properly foreign key values referencing to autoincrement/sequence numeric primary keys, integrated with Data Diff and Batch Data Diff merge actions
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - show Id-Remap Merge suggestion and applicability warnings in appropriate cases
- Pro: Data merge dialog - show Id-Remap Merge suggestion in appropriate cases
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - minor label fixes
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - Alt hotkeys
- Pro: Query result diff - 'Split..' and 'Run both..' options adjustments for the new case of opening from Object List when other side db is not opened

1.0.1, 2023-12-11

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix ORA-01008 on paging for table with multi-column primary key
- Free & Pro: Home tab - indicate that recent database requires password entry (was opened by password without saved password)
- Free & Pro: Opening db with save password if other side loaded and has no saved saved password - fix invalid save password for both (and the same for unsaved password)
- Free & Pro: Fix app crash on unknown error during dialog open
- Pro: Fix 'Cannot call StartAt' unknown error on Batch data diff -> click on view name -> compare data
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - restore broken 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - restore lost note regarding script generation time and space
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix invalid 'Change columns' = No for the case of new column(s) in the left DB without other changes
- Pro: Encrypt command line passwords on opening database in the new app instance
- Pro: Opening database in the new app instance: fix lost 'Save passwords' (both for other side database and the newly opened one)

1.0.0, 2023-08-24

- Free & Pro: Data merge confirmation dialog - add comment for 'Import existing IDENTITY' option
- Free & Pro: Fix table/view columns case-insensitive-duplicates check
- Free & Pro: Improved logic of changes invalidation after objects merge and refresh
- Pro: Table triggers support
- Pro: Settings - new 'Table definitions' tab allowing to setup table schema diff options
- Pro: Object list - show special message on attempt to merge tables with column-order-only changes
- Pro: Support for All-in-one license

0.4.0, 2023-08-18

- Free & Pro: Fix invalid internal columns appearance
- Free & Pro: Fix ORGANIZATION script generation and merge result error for new tables
- Free & Pro: Fix unnecessary blank table comment SQL for new tables merge

0.3.0, 2023-08-17

- Free & Pro: Recognize INDEX/HEAP table organization and table comments, add new 'Other properties' section to Table structure diff tab for Pro
- Free & Pro: Recognize ON NULL for column DEFAULT
- Free & Pro: Recognize column collation
- Free & Pro: Recognize virtual columns
- Free & Pro: Recognize column visibility, add Visible column to Table structure diff tab for Pro
- Free & Pro: Recognize column comments, add Comment column to Table structure diff tab for Pro
- Free & Pro: Recognize named NON NULL constraints, show their names nearby NOT NULL column attribute for Pro (instead of listing them as CHECK constraint)
- Free & Pro: Fix check for updates (for new installations, for existing installations settings needs to be removed and re-created)
- Free & Pro: Fix occasional 'Cannot set Owner property to a Window that has not been shown previously' unexpected error for basic dialogs
- Pro: Recognize table indexes, add new 'Indexes' section to Table structure diff tab
- Pro: Table structure diff - make CHECK multiline expressions visible (on UI newlines are replaced with a space)
- Pro: Query result diff - fix missing LONG values

0.2.0, 2023-07-20

- Free & Pro: Verify compatibility with 12c
- Free & Pro: Fix table column reading on 11g and verify compatibility with 11g
- Free & Pro: Fix 'ORA-01882: timezone region not found' if client has timezone not configured for server
- Free & Pro: Retry database connection open on timeout
- Free & Pro: Fix null reference error on reading Personal Oracle Database and recognize Personal Oracle Database version
- Free & Pro: More items in default exclude schemas list for new installations: APEX_040000, APEX_040200, ORDDATA, ORDSYS, RDSADMIN
- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - fix 'Test connection' ignoring database name

0.1.0, 2023-06-27

- Free & Pro: Initial public version