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What's New

1.2.0, 2024-02-15

- Free & Pro: SQL Syntax highlight in the Text diff, Object list text preview, Merge dialog and Query result diff
- Free & Pro: Home tab - 'Copy all' database progress actions appearing in case of errors
- Free & Pro: Ability to switch to the full screen, with F11 shortcut
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge dialog - fix occasionaly broken table order by name for same DL

1.1.0, 2024-01-30

- Free & Pro: Fix broken Data Diff for binary keys
- Free & Pro: Data merge dialog - change 'Import existing IDENTITY' to 'Import existing identity, sequence or other..' and make applicable for these types of auto-generated primary keys
- Free & Pro: Object list - show object action buttons for new objects or if other side db is not opened (as result, allow to view data)
- Free & Pro: Object list - Drop tables by DL desc then by name, to avoid drop failures caused by foreign keys
- Free & Pro: Do not apply system schema filter for Id-Remap mapping tables
- Free & Pro: Data diff - display short binary values in single quotes (similar to sql presentation)
- Free & Pro: Reduce cases of duplicated ';' in generated scripts
- Free & Pro: Data merge dialog - minor label fixes
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge new feature allowing to merge properly foreign key values referencing to autoincrement/sequence numeric primary keys, integrated with Data Diff and Batch Data Diff merge actions
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - show Id-Remap Merge suggestion and applicability warnings in appropriate cases
- Pro: Data merge dialog - show Id-Remap Merge suggestion in appropriate cases
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - minor label fixes
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - Alt hotkeys
- Pro: Query result diff - 'Split..' and 'Run both..' options adjustments for the new case of opening from Object List when other side db is not opened

1.0.1, 2023-12-11

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix ORA-01008 on paging for table with multi-column primary key
- Free & Pro: Home tab - indicate that recent database requires password entry (was opened by password without saved password)
- Free & Pro: Opening db with save password if other side loaded and has no saved saved password - fix invalid save password for both (and the same for unsaved password)
- Free & Pro: Fix app crash on unknown error during dialog open
- Pro: Fix 'Cannot call StartAt' unknown error on Batch data diff -> click on view name -> compare data
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - restore broken 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - restore lost note regarding script generation time and space
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix invalid 'Change columns' = No for the case of new column(s) in the left DB without other changes
- Pro: Encrypt command line passwords on opening database in the new app instance
- Pro: Opening database in the new app instance: fix lost 'Save passwords' (both for other side database and the newly opened one)

1.0.0, 2023-08-24

- Free & Pro: Data merge confirmation dialog - add comment for 'Import existing IDENTITY' option
- Free & Pro: Fix table/view columns case-insensitive-duplicates check
- Free & Pro: Improved logic of changes invalidation after objects merge and refresh
- Pro: Table triggers support
- Pro: Settings - new 'Table definitions' tab allowing to setup table schema diff options
- Pro: Object list - show special message on attempt to merge tables with column-order-only changes
- Pro: Support for All-in-one license

0.4.0, 2023-08-18

- Free & Pro: Fix invalid internal columns appearance
- Free & Pro: Fix ORGANIZATION script generation and merge result error for new tables
- Free & Pro: Fix unnecessary blank table comment SQL for new tables merge

0.3.0, 2023-08-17

- Free & Pro: Recognize INDEX/HEAP table organization and table comments, add new 'Other properties' section to Table structure diff tab for Pro
- Free & Pro: Recognize ON NULL for column DEFAULT
- Free & Pro: Recognize column collation
- Free & Pro: Recognize virtual columns
- Free & Pro: Recognize column visibility, add Visible column to Table structure diff tab for Pro
- Free & Pro: Recognize column comments, add Comment column to Table structure diff tab for Pro
- Free & Pro: Recognize named NON NULL constraints, show their names nearby NOT NULL column attribute for Pro (instead of listing them as CHECK constraint)
- Free & Pro: Fix check for updates (for new installations, for existing installations settings needs to be removed and re-created)
- Free & Pro: Fix occasional 'Cannot set Owner property to a Window that has not been shown previously' unexpected error for basic dialogs
- Pro: Recognize table indexes, add new 'Indexes' section to Table structure diff tab
- Pro: Table structure diff - make CHECK multiline expressions visible (on UI newlines are replaced with a space)
- Pro: Query result diff - fix missing LONG values

0.2.0, 2023-07-20

- Free & Pro: Verify compatibility with 12c
- Free & Pro: Fix table column reading on 11g and verify compatibility with 11g
- Free & Pro: Fix 'ORA-01882: timezone region not found' if client has timezone not configured for server
- Free & Pro: Retry database connection open on timeout
- Free & Pro: Fix null reference error on reading Personal Oracle Database and recognize Personal Oracle Database version
- Free & Pro: More items in default exclude schemas list for new installations: APEX_040000, APEX_040200, ORDDATA, ORDSYS, RDSADMIN
- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - fix 'Test connection' ignoring database name

0.1.0, 2023-06-27

- Free & Pro: Initial public version