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Diff profile editor tab

  • Opened from: Home tab
  • Applicable tab-specific toolbar actions: None
  • Applicable object types: tables and views

This tab allows to setup diff profile settings:

for MySQL, diff profile editor tab

Tab shows diff profile file name in the header and has two major collapsible sections: Table mappings and Queries.

Table mappings section shows a list of saved custom data diff mappings. This list has the following columns and actions:

  • Data - name of the table or view. Represents a hyperlink which opens a Data diff tab with the data of the given table/view using mappings saved in the diff profile
  • Column mapping (keys / total columns) - shows the number of saved column mappings. Displayed as 'N key(s)' for the view key mappings saved using Query key columns dialog, or as 'key count / total column count' for mappings saved from Custom data diff dialog. Represents a hyperlink opening corresponding mapping dialog
  • Delete - remove these mappings from the diff profile.

Queries section shows a list of queries saved using Query result diff tab. This list has the following columns and actions:

  • Title of the query, this value is auto-generated when the query is added to the diff profile. Currently this value is not editable, but if needed it can be changed using any text editor in the diff profile xml body
  • Query text - text of the query. In the case of the 'Split query' option this text shows only one of the queries (but both queries are stored in the diff profile). Represents a hyperlink opening Query result diff tab with that query. Diff profile query text is updated on each query run
  • Delete - remove this query from the diff profile.

Free version limitations:

  • The whole tab is not available

Last updated: 2023-10-04