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Database reload dialog

This dialog can be opened if you want to open another database or reload the current one from Recent databases list:

for Cross-DBMS, project reload dialog

For example, you've opened V1 database on the left and V2 database on the right. During your work you were working with some other tabs - was opening object lists, data diffs and so on. Now you've decided to open V3 on the right instead of V2. Changes summary on the Home tab will be updated, but all other tabs will have to be closed. Application can't leave what was loaded for V1-vs-V2 comparison because it became invalid in scope of V1-vs-V3 comparison. This dialog suggests you choose one of two options - to close all other tabs (recommended) or to leave the current V1-vs-V2 comparison open and open another application instance with V1-vs-V3 comparison.

Even if you reload the same database, for example you had V1-vs-V2 and then reload for V2 - the application will have to close other tabs as well because it currently can not compare the previous state of V2 with the new state of V2.

All dialog options are available with Alt and action key from keyboard. Action key is underlined when you hit the Alt key. So, for example Alt+D shortcut switches 'Don't ask me again' option.

If you've chosen 'Don't ask me again', the selected option will be applied automatically for all further database reloads and this dialog will not be shown. This behaviour can be changed using Settings dialog on the 'Database Open' in the 'Project open/reload' section:

for Cross-DBMS, settings dialog

Free version limitations:

  • Settings dialog is not available, chosen option can not be changed

Last updated: 2023-10-11