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All dialogs overview

Activation dialog

Opened on the first application run and asks you to choose application mode: Free, Trial or Pro:

for Cross-DBMS, activation dialog

Open database(s) dialog

Opened to specify database connectivity options:

for Cross-DBMS, open database dialog

Execute script dialog

Opened to review and run script for merge or delete action:

for Cross-DBMS, execute script dialog

Data merge warning dialog

Opened to confirm processing of all data diff pages:

for Cross-DBMS, data merge warning dialog

Batch data merge dialog

Opened to confirm and customize batch data merge/delete action from the Batch data diff tab:

for Cross-DBMS, batch data merge dialog

Id-Remap merge dialog

Opened to specify mapping of auto-generated primary key values during merge:

for PostgreSQL, id-remap merge dialog

Database reload dialog

Can be opened if you want to open another database or reload the current one:

for Cross-DBMS, project reload dialog

License info dialog

Shows information about the current application license:

for Cross-DBMS, license info dialog

Custom data diff dialog

Opened to specify column mapping for data diff:

for Cross-DBMS, custom data diff dialog

Query key columns dialog

Opened to specify only key columns for the data diff for views and query result diff:

for Cross-DBMS, query key columns dialog

Settings dialog

Shows application settings:

for Cross-DBMS, settings dialog

Unknown error dialog

Shown when something goes wrong:

for Cross-DBMS, unknown error dialog

Last updated: 2024-02-06