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What's New

1.28.4, 2024-04-05

- Free & Pro: Home - fix bug 'Open single database, Refresh, and other side loaded with the same DB instead of refresh'
- Free & Pro: SQL syntax highlight - recognize multiline strings
- Free & Pro: What's new - enable word wrap for list of changes to avoid horizontal scroll for long items
- Free & Pro: Text diff - change line numbers to dark-gray to avoid visual confusion with actual text
- Free & Pro: Fix focus on selected tab, switching between data diff tabs and clicking Refresh could produce selection of some other previously focused tab
- Free & Pro: Data diff - add 'Click to sort by this column' column tooltip where applicable
- Pro: Query result diff - fix false-positive changes caused by internal approximacy for floating point data types
- Pro: Table structure diff - show 'Compare data' and 'Open in Query result diff' buttons for tables missing on other side (or other side db is not loaded at all)
- Pro: Query result diff - fix cases of missing first row selection on Run (and therefore fix missing bottom row grid)
- Pro: Query result diff - clear previous result on subsequent Run
- Pro: Query result diff - handle properly cases when only one side result is available (error on other side, different resultset count, other side returned no table result)
- Pro: Query result diff - error text word wrap, ability to copy, and some other layout updates
- Pro: Query result diff - better error handling of database connection errors
- Pro: Text diff - new 'Show tabs and spaces' toggle
- Pro: Text diff - new bottom line implementation, with selectable text and fixed tabulation width
- Pro: Data diff - Allow to to compare string values in the separate text diff tab (the up-right arrow near column name in the bottom grid, useful for multiline values)

1.28.3, 2024-03-20

- Free & Pro: Object list - merge / replace / 'compare selected' deny reason tooltip - add 'with loaded definition' to avoid confusion regarding blocked action for grayed object titles (which have no definitions loaded, because of permissions or WITH ENCRYPTION)
- Free & Pro: EULA updated (divided into sections, more information and clarifications)
- Pro: Query result diff - fix unexpected error on compare by row number then click result column name to sort
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix validation of sorting on more than one non-key column

1.28.2, 2024-03-13

- Free & Pro: Recent database open only if one side has no saved password - fix missing password for other side
- Pro: Text diff - change Expand above/below links to folding sections (and fix some syntax highlight issues if it shows new/changed lines)
- Pro: Text diff - if show only new/changed lines, do not hide block containing only one line
- Pro: Text diff - show 'Additional lines' configuration directly in tab and remove it from Settings

1.28.1, 2024-03-02

- Free & Pro: SQL syntax highlight - highlight identifiers and numbers, reduced list of keywords to the most generally used
- Free & Pro: Splash screen
- Free & Pro: Updated application binary protection
- Free & Pro: Fix 'Full screen' toggle state if changed by F11
- Free & Pro: Fix 'It is an expired trial key' key entry error presentation
- Free & Pro: Data diff - use the same fonts in the merge/delete progress as in other places
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix broken paging on setting up sort order for more than one key
- Pro: Custom data diff - deny sorting on more than one non-key column (not supported)
- Pro: Custom data diff - minor layout adjustments
- Pro: Fix cases of broken Ctrl+C in the new text editor (Query result diff, etc.)

1.28.0, 2024-02-14

- Free & Pro: SQL Syntax highlight in the Text diff, Object list text preview, Table structure trigger text preview, View definition text preview, Merge dialog and Query result diff
- Free & Pro: Home tab - 'Copy all' database progress actions appearing in case of errors
- Free & Pro: Ability to switch to the full screen using F11 shortcut
- Free & Pro: Reduce cases of duplicated ';' in generated scripts
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge dialog - fix occasionaly broken table order by name for same DL

1.27.1, 2024-01-25

- Pro: Id-Remap Merge - fix cases of missing child rows when child table has multiple nullable foreign keys and some of them have NULL values
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge from Data Diff - refresh tables list on merge completion to update 'Other parents' mappings for subsequent Id-Remap Merge actions
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge - do not use mapping tables subquery for NULL source values

1.27.0, 2024-01-23

- Free & Pro: Data merge dialog - change 'Use _IDENTITY_INSERT..' to 'Import existing identity, sequence or other..' and make applicable for these types of auto-generated primary keys
- Free & Pro: Object list - show object action buttons for new objects or if other side db is not opened (as result, allow to view data)
- Free & Pro: Data merge dialog - minor label fixes
- Pro: Id-Remap Merge new feature allowing to merge properly foreign key values referencing to autoincrement/identity numeric primary keys, integrated with Data Diff and Batch Data Diff merge actions
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - show Id-Remap Merge suggestion and applicability warnings in appropriate cases
- Pro: Data merge dialog - show Id-Remap Merge suggestion in appropriate cases
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - minor label fixes
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - Alt hotkeys
- Pro: Query result diff - 'Split..' and 'Run both..' options adjustments for the new case of opening from Object List when other side db is not opened

1.26.2, 2023-12-09

- Free & Pro: Unsaved password prompt on opening recent item - fix focus on password control if 'Display passwords' is enabled
- Free & Pro: Opening db with save password if other side loaded and has no saved saved password - fix invalid save password for both (and the same for unsaved password)
- Free & Pro: Home tab - indicate that recent database requires password entry (sql server protection type without saved password, not a saved msdbs)
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - restore broken 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Batch data merge dialog - restore lost note regarding script generation time and space
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix invalid 'Change columns' = No for the case of new column(s) in the left DB without other changes

1.26.1, 2023-09-26

- Pro: Object list - show 'Open table definition as text' for new tables
- Pro: Object list - show 'Open view definition as text' for new views
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix 'An item with the same key has already been added' on merge script generation (https://github.com/KS-DB-Merge-Tools/Issues/issues/3)

1.26.0, 2023-09-13

- Free & Pro: Table definition merge confirmation dialog - minor label adjustments regarding Data diff
- Free & Pro: Fix occasional 'Cannot set Owner property to a Window that has not been shown previously' unexpected error for basic dialogs
- Free & Pro: Improved logic of changes invalidation after objects merge and refresh
- Free & Pro: Fix app crash on unknown error during dialog open
- Pro: Support for All-in-one license
- Pro: Support for view indexes and triggers
- Pro: New 'View definition diff' tab for views, similar to 'Table structure diff' tab for tables to manage view indexes and triggers
- Pro: Home - 'Show table indexes' and 'Show table triggers' changed to show 'table and view' indexes/triggers
- Pro: Settings - new 'View Definitions' tab
- Pro: Object list - new 'Open view definition as text' action for views
- Pro: Text diff - new 'Open view definition' action for views
- Pro: Batch data diff - populate startup data in the background and fix occasional DispatcherUnhandledException unexpected error for large lists
- Pro: Fix 'Cannot call StartAt' unknown error on Batch data diff -> click on view name -> compare data
- Pro: Encrypt command line passwords on opening database in the new app instance
- Pro: Home tab - 'Show table constraints' changed to 'Show foreign keys'. Check, unique and default constraints are no longer listed separately on the Home tab.
- Pro: Find tab - exclude CHECK, UNIQUE and DEFAULT constraints from search results as separate items (should be covered by Tables search results)
- Pro: Remove constraints from table definition diff settings (always take constraints into account)
- Free: Support for Schemas

1.25.0, 2023-06-30

- Free & Pro: Update code sign certificate (may cause smart screen warnings)
- Free & Pro: Data diff tab - show italic NULL text for NULLs in columns with 'visual match' mapping (which have a gray background color, was just nothing before)
- Free & Pro: Data merge - in case of INDENTITY_INSERT failure show the reason in the first script item result of that table
- Free & Pro: Home tab, database open - 'Close both' progress action (useful if both progresses have errors)
- Pro: Batch data diff, merge new and changed - add option to delete target records missing in source
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix merge failure caused by multiple IDENTITY_INSERTs
- Pro: Data merge - fix ignored disabled INDENTITY_INSERT for Copy ALL and Save ALL actions
- Pro: Object list - show selected count only if something selected
- Free: Allow to drop and merge new only table definitions, mark them as MERGE NEW ONLY on the Home tab and update tooltip text for that mark
- Free: Data diff - show total counts in the top panel
- Free: Object list - show counts in the top panel
- Free: Text diff - show counts in the top panel
- Free: Data merge/delete 'all page records selected' confirmation warning - add clarification that other pages are not going to be processed

1.24.7, 2023-04-03

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix some cases of KeyNotFoundException unknown error (for example if information about columns could not be loaded previously)
- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - fix 'Save passswords' typo

1.24.6, 2023-03-16

- Free & Pro: Object list - if some selected object can't be merged (for example table with excrypted trigger), allow to merge remaining selected objects, with a new error dialog
- Free & Pro: Handle settings reading error on app start
- Free & Pro: Unknown error dialog - minor label adjustments
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix unknown error on specifying the same column twice (as left without pair vs right without pair)

1.24.5, 2023-02-27

- Free & Pro: Apply zoom to almost all dialogs (except unknown error and initial activation dialog)
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix non-closeable progress on merge/delete script generation failure
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix occasional 'index out of range' error on merge/delete all pages for table with changed columns
- Free & Pro: Data diff - save error log for unexpected error on tab open
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix 'Failed to define merge script structure' delete script generation error in case of changed key name(s) (custom mapping or case-sensitive only changes)
- Free & Pro: Parallel database open - improved progress completion responsiveness
- Free & Pro: Home tab - recent databases, opening DBs from toolbar one by one - fix invalid left side progress for the second DB
- Free & Pro: Home tab - new 'Delete this pair from recent database list' button
- Free & Pro: EULA minor adjustments regarding location
- Free & Pro: Activation dialog - minor label and layout adjustments, change support email to use the new ksdbmerge.tools domain
- Free & Pro: Activation dialog - more responsive processing of trial retreival, disable OK during execution to fix 'DialogResult can be set only after..' occasional error
- Free & Pro: Check for updates - change requested url to use the new ksdbmerge.tools domain
- Free & Pro: Data merge warning dialog - minor layout adjustments
- Pro: Batch data diff - better merge/delete progress indication
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix slow and unresponsive merge/delete if no totals were pre-calculated
- Pro: Batch data diff - Provide inner exception in case of script generation failure
- Pro: Batch data diff - don't generate scripts on delete cancellation
- Pro: Batch data diff - minor label adjustments
- Pro: Data diff - fix 'key not found' error on using non-applicable diff profile mapping, ignore such mappings
- Pro: Query result diff - hide per page counts (there is no paging), show selected counts only if any record selected
- Pro: Query result diff - show resultset number only if there is more than one resultset
- Pro: Query result diff - add result error tooltip showing the whole error text (useful if error is truncated)
- Pro: Data diff - show selected counts only if any record selected
- Pro: What's new - 'license key is not valid for this update' notice
- Free: Table definitions - read and compare check, unique and foreign key constraints

1.24.4, 2023-01-24

- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - add recent servers to db server dropdowns, with username if any; populate relevant fields (with password if was saved) on drowpdown item selection
- Pro: Batch data diff - merge/delete actions made active allowing to process multiple selected tables
- Pro: New 'Batch data merge warning' dialog
- Pro: Execute data script - show table name with 'and N more' if processing more than 1 table from the Batch data diff

1.24.3, 2023-01-14

- Free & Pro: Msi - allow per-user installation, without UAC confirmation and Administrator privileges (upgrade from per-machine to per-user still requires Administrator privileges to uninstall previous per-machine version)
- Free & Pro: Msi - change images to application icon
- Free & Pro: Msi - option to launch after installation completion
- Free & Pro: Object list - don't re-create unchanged objects on merge
- Free & Pro: Object list - allow merge only if there are any new or changed item (deny if all items are unchanged)

1.24.2, 2023-01-05

- Free & Pro: Allow merge only if there are any new or changed item (deny if all items are unchanged)
- Free & Pro: Data diff - case-insensitive primary key column match
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix sorting in the right panel on columns having case-sensitive changes
- Free & Pro: Object list - fix swapped progress panels on Refresh
- Free & Pro: Merge objects dialog - increase Execution result area, allow window resize/minimize/maximize
- Free & Pro: Merge data dialog - allow window resize/minimize/maximize
- Pro: Object list - ability to alter multiple tables
- Pro: Object list - DL (foreign key dependency level) column for tables with configurable visibility
- Pro: Object list - merge tables by DL order
- Pro: Object list - show 'only column order changes' dialog for the relevant merge scenario
- Pro: Table definition merge - in case of ALTER COLUMN re-create constraints to fix 'failed because one or more objects access this column' error
- Pro: Table definition merge - fix default constraint merge for case named vs system-named
- Pro: Table definition merge - fix identity change merge when it is combined with add/drop other columns
- Pro: Table structure diff - case-insensitive match by name
- Pro: Merge objects dialog - new 'Save to file' action for script and execution result
- Pro: Batch data diff - select row with single click (like in object list and data diff, instead of double)
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix calculation of Total+New for the case of Common key = No (was SQL error before)
- Pro: Custom data diff - allow window resize/minimize/maximize

1.24.1, 2022-12-05

- Free & Pro: Data merge dialog - handle connectivity failure on Run
- Free & Pro: Object list - handle connectivity failure on Refresh
- Free & Pro: Database open progress - fix duplicate connectivity errors (list just once)
- Free & Pro: Database open progress on table definition merge or table list refresh - clarify multiple "Calculating changes" with object type name
- Pro: handle copy to clipboard error (clipboard can be busy with some other app, https://stackoverflow.com/a/68857/282694)

1.24.0, 2022-11-29

- Free & Pro: Update hyperlinks, grids, text, selection look & feel
- Free & Pro: Verified SQL Server 2022 compatibility
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix merge script generation for changed case of column names and custom mapping
- Free & Pro: Object list - object name hyperlink tooltips
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix rare occasional ArgumentOutOfRangeException on open (was 'unknown error' before)
- Free & Pro: Toolbar online help button
- Free & Pro: Data diff - add "Page"/"Paging" label
- Free & Pro: New app icon
- Pro: Scroll background changes indication - more pale colors, fixed Changed indication in the object list
- Pro: Query key fields and Custom data diff dialogs - case-insensitive column match
- Pro: Data diff, Excel export - output signed and unsigned byte-sized numbers as numbers, not as text
- Pro: Home tab - change 'Open database from path in clipboard' command tooltip to 'Open database from connection string in clipboard'
- Pro: Settings - Database open/reload label adjustments
- Free: Data diff - paging and page merge confirmation
- Free: Data diff - remove limitation on number of columns and key definition
- Free: Home tab - allow show new/all/changed
- Free: Open table definitions in the Text diff tab instead of Table structure diff

1.23.1, 2022-09-02

- Free & Pro: Normalize default expressions to avoid double parenthesis and changes like ((0)) <> (0)
- Free & Pro: Unknown error dialog - add 'recommended' for option 'Send error report and close'
- Free & Pro: Improve action logs for 'Unknown error' reports (merge/delete actions, table structure diff item selection)

1.23.0, 2022-06-30

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix duplicates/mismatch of uniqueidentifier key values in the data diff result
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix false-positive changes caused by internal approximacy
- Free & Pro: Show database open progress errors on the fly instead of accumulation
- Free & Pro: License Info dialog - after trial/full key submission keep app in the pure Free mode until restart (previously some Pro features could become partially available and cause some errors)
- Pro: Home tab - add 'Diff profiles' section
- Pro: New tab - Diff profile editor, opened by click on loaded diff profile status on the Home tab
- Pro: Custom data diff - add 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - add 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Query result diff - 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Batch data diff - calculate new/changed counts for views with keys defined in the diff profile
- Pro: Batch data diff - 'Common primary key' renamed to 'Common key' and now includes keys defined in the diff profile
- Pro: Find tab - Handle regex parsing error without Unknown error dialog
- Pro: Custom data diff - minor label adjustments

1.22.3, 2022-04-14

- Free & Pro: Text diff - highlight in yellow lines with ignored case-insensitive or whitespace changes
- Free & Pro: Unknown error dialog - 'Close' renamed to 'Close w/o report', added 'Close app'
- Pro: Object list - fix processing of duplicate index names across different tables (select, merge, delete actions)
- Pro: Object list - implement text preview and 'Compare selected' for indexes
- Pro: Object list - show object boolean properties as Yes/No instead of checkbox, to unify with the rest of UI
- Pro: Find - Regex search
- Pro: Table structure diff - cases of grayed out row selection are replaced with merge/delete deny reason tooltip
- Pro: Query result diff - in case of error show it without db name
- Pro: Object list, Query result dif - bottom grid - reduce a bit header height to make inner horizontal border more visible
- Free: Object list - 'Compare two selected items' hidden for tables (was visible but locked before)

1.22.2, 2022-04-01

- Free & Pro: Add "Compatibility Mode" application shortcut to start with COR_ENABLE_PROFILING=0 environment variable (to avoid conflicts with profilers)
- Free & Pro: Home tab - fix broken open recent db without saved password (show Open database dialog asking for password)
- Free & Pro: Improve settings stability by using read/write retry attempts

1.22.1, 2022-03-27

- Free & Pro: Fix DEFAULT constraint script generation and merge
- Pro: Fix table-level CHECK constraint reading and script generation
- Pro: Fix UNIQUE and FOREIGN KEY presentation and script generation for system-named constraints
- Pro: Table structure diff - fix invalid ability to merge unchanged column with changed order/position
- Pro: Table structure diff - omit nullability for computed columns on UI and in the merge scripts (and therefore fix merge script)
- Pro: Table structure diff - merge computed expression changes ad DROP+ADD column, PERSISTED only change - as ADD/DROP PERSISTED
- Pro: Table structure diff - recognize system-named foreign keys and unique constraints
- Pro: Table structure diff - existing constraints and indexes merge - fix invalid object name in DROP statement
- Pro: Table structure diff - unique constraint columns ASC/DESC support
- Pro: Table structure diff - unique constraints: show Definition = CLUSTERED for clustered constraints
- Pro: Table structure diff - CHECK constraint merge - fix missing square brackets
- Pro: Table structure diff - fix broken existing index merge (unknown error)
- Pro: Table structure diff - show index names without schemas
- Pro: Table structure diff - indexes - fix reading filter definitions (WHERE)
- Pro: Table structure diff - indexes - show Unique as Yes/No (instead of True/False)
- Pro: Table structure diff - use table switch logic to merge identity changes (https://stackoverflow.com/a/1730868/282694)
- Pro: Table structure diff - triggers - fix merge of existing object
- Pro: Table structure diff - triggers - fix deletion
- Pro: Table structure diff - fix change tracking disabling and track columns updated ON/OFF change
- Pro: Query result diff - show query execution errros as counts overlay instead of message box
- Pro: Query result diff - fix query cancellation
- Pro: Query result diff, when single db opened - fix nullref on single query run, forse query split and run both only against opened DB
- Free: Object list - deny table delete

1.22.0, 2022-03-08

- Free & Pro: Activation dialog - allow to configure 'check for updates', updated some information
- Free & Pro: Home/Project tab redesign
- Free & Pro: Home/Project tab - Close other tabs, updated Close icon for other tabs
- Free & Pro: Header panel redesign for Find tab, Batch data diff and Query result diff tabs
- Free & Pro: File open progress - show database open errors in progress panel (instead of dialog)
- Free & Pro: File open progress - add one more 'Calculating changes..' step
- Free & Pro: Object lists - highlight Created/Modified dates of changed objects as yellow (color of ignored change) instead of red to indicate that date is not the reason of considering object as changed
- Pro: Generate xlsx reports without use of Excel, improve report generation performance
- Pro: Settings, Misc tab - add new options for reports
- Pro: Custom data diff - show mapping type and sorting as radio-button to change them in single click
- Pro: Custom data diff - change 'project' -> 'database
- Pro: Object list - add 'Open in Query result diff' action for table definitions and views
- Pro: Table structure diff - add 'Open in Query result diff' action
- Pro: Table structure diff - Excel export
- Pro: Object list - add 'Open table definition as text' action for table definitions
- Pro: Text diff - fix occasionally missing underscore on some display settings
- Free: Limit number of opened Find tabs

1.21.2, 2021-12-20

- Free & Pro: Activation dialog - allow to configure 'check for updates', updated some information
- Pro: Table structure diff - fix nullref error on 'Compare data (new and changed)'
- Pro: Object list - fix empty space in the botton in case if text preview is hidden or not available
- Free: Object list - fix 'Sequence contains no matching element' error on Table definitions refresh
- Free: Table structure diff - fix missing default constraints
- Free: Table structure diff - add label that only PK and defaults are shown here

1.21.1, 2021-12-01

- Free & Pro: Project tab - fix broken click on count for locations with comma decimal separator

1.21.0, 2021-11-30

- Free & Pro: Check for updates
- Free & Pro: Add Refresh action applicable for Project, Object list and Data diff tabs
- Free & Pro: Add 'Copy to clipboard' action applicable for Project, Object list, Data diff, Query result diff and Text diff tabs
- Free & Pro: Text diff - 'Ignore empty line' option
- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - option 'Encrypt passwords' for *.msdbs files
- Free & Pro: Project tab - change 'reload' label to 'refresh' and run action without closing other tabs
- Pro: Text diff - 'Ignore empty line' setting
- Pro: Object list text diff preview - fix disappearing scrollbar issue

1.20.1, 2021-09-03

- Free & Pro: Changed icon for table definitions (to avoid confusion with Column mapping in Data diff)
- Pro: Data diff - remove unnecessary 'Compare definition as text' button for views
- Pro: Excel export - handle missing Excel (instead of unexpected error)
- Pro: Excel export - grid-based tabs (Data diff, Object list, Batch data diff, Query result diff) - add tooltip comment that selection applied to the export; fix selection appliance for the right panel
- Pro: Toolbar - invalid 'That's the current state' blocked action tooltip replaced with 'Please wait for calculation completion..' where necessary
- Pro: Query result diff - Excel export - fix disabled by 'nothing to export'
- Pro: Settings - 'Appearance' tab renamed to 'Misc.', added new option 'Ambiguous object names due to case differences' and apply it for object list export and batch data diff
- Pro: Project tab - Excel export - make it have the same data as on UI (without hidden object types, for example by switching new/changed mode)
- Free: Execute data merge script dialog - hidden record count and first/last buttons (Free version should not provide any data changes summary)

1.20.0, 2021-07-12

- Pro: Make all table definition options enabled by default (breaking change)
- Free & Pro: Tab toolbar actions moved inside tab, into the panel splitter
- Free & Pro: Object list tab - move Replace actions to the tab toolbar
- Free & Pro: Enable legacyUnhandledExceptionPolicy to avoid crash after background thread error
- Free & Pro: Fix unknown error on opening invalid *.msdbs file
- Free & Pro: More usage of system control background color
- Pro: Project tab - show all/new/changed actions supported
- Pro: Project tab - removed MERGE NEW ONLY mark for table definitions
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - show ON DELETE/UPDATE conditions for Foreign keys
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - added Triggers and Change Tracking sections
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - merge/delete supported for all items
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - next/previous change actions supported
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - added bottom grid for selected column/constraint/index/CT, text preview for selected trigger
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - common scrollbar across all sections with common changes summary on scroll background
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - generate CREATE TABLE scripts for tables existing only on one side
- Pro: Fix loosing "Save passwords" state after changing Settings

1.19.7, 2021-05-21

- Free & Pro: Updated instanceId algorithm to reduce collisions on trial registrations

1.19.6, 2021-05-07

- Free & Pro: Consider changed column order as table definition change by default, can be changed in settings for Pro
- Pro: Table definition compare options, table script updated to include chosen object types
- Pro: Table structure diff - 'Open table definition as text' action added
- Pro: Data diff - 'Compare table definition as text' action added
- Pro: Table structure diff - fix occasional invalid presentation of foreign keys

1.19.5, 2021-04-09

- Free & Pro: Toolbar - showing tooltips on disabled buttons, with disable reason
- Free & Pro: Open databases dialog - 'Save password' option added
- Free & Pro: Increase row heights of some grids (to be the same as for data diff)

1.19.4, 2021-03-31

- Free & Pro: Object list - fix NullReference unexpected error on new table click
- Free & Pro: Improve performance database loading (final 'compare' stage)
- Free & Pro: Object list - improve performance of show all/new/changed
- Free & Pro: Object list - improve performance of batch selection
- Free & Pro: Object list - improve performance of refresh on merge/delete completion
- Free & Pro: Object list - wait cursors on preparing merge/delete scripts

1.19.3, 2021-02-26

- Free & Pro: Fix app start failure caused by FIPS
- Free & Pro: Project reload dialog simplified
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix failure caused by mapping duplicates

1.19.2, 2021-01-29

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fixed 'index out of range' error for some cases when compared tables have different number of columns and there are new rows
- Free & Pro: Database loading - provide more information about loading failure
- Pro: Object list - fix broken indexes deletion
- Pro: Data diff - added button to open table structure diff
- Pro: Table structure diff - added buttons to compare data (all and new&changed)
- Pro: Batch data diff - table structure diff on click on table name (instead of text diff)
- Pro: Text diff - added button to open table structure diff (to navigate from text diff opened from search result)

1.19.1, 2021-01-22

- Free & Pro: Table structure diff tab with Pro ability to merge/delete columns and constraints (primary key and default for now)
- Free & Pro: Ignore column order during tables comparison
- Free & Pro: Project tab - 'Tables (Columns & PKs)' renamed to 'Table definitions'
- Pro: Fix tables filter applyance from settings during database loading
- Free: Deny 'compare selected' for tables

1.19.0, 2021-01-13

- Pro: Schemas support (merge new only)
- Pro: Tables change tracking support (merge new only)
- Pro: Sequences support (merge new only)
- Pro: Tables and UDTTs - fixed missing UDDT in the generated object script after merge

1.18.1, 2020-12-16

- Free & Pro: Table script - exclude system-generated PK name from table definition script
- Free & Pro: Data diff - apply OS visual stypes for grid, which can also fix potential AccessViolation errors related to tooltips
- Pro: Ability to delete and merge new tables, user-defined data types and table types (marked with MERGE NEW ONLY on the Project tab)
- Pro: Table script - include default constraint name (is loaded according to application settings)
- Pro: Load/fill from conn. str. in clipboard - fixed windows authentication and skipping unknown connection string parts
- Pro: Text diff - hide inapplicable 'compare data' buttons if only one side is loaded (before it was causing unexpected error)
- Pro: User defined data types - fix missing 'NULL' / 'NOT NULL' statement in script (and therefore fix comparison on this attribute)
- Pro: Use quoted names in scripts for user-defined data types and table types

1.18.0, 2020-11-21

- Free & Pro: New instanceId algorithm (to reduce collisions), updated trial activation server and logic
- Free & Pro: Ability to cancel database loading
- Free & Pro: Data diff - mark key columns in headers
- Free & Pro: Show all/new/changed/new+changed actions - remove 'records' from tooltip text since starting from 1.17.0 it is applicable for text diff as well
- Pro: Project tab - export to Excel
- Pro: Project tab, open DB dialog - 'from conn. str. in clipboard' action
- Pro: Data diff - 'Compare definition' action, 'Column mapping' action changed from text to icon
- Pro: Text diff - 'Compare data' actions
- Pro: Data diff - allow to merge/delete wtihout PK for custom data diff and custom column mapping
- Pro: Data diff - 'No comparison key(s)' and 'Sorting on non-key column(s)' result warnings
- Pro: Data diff - fix lost focus of grid on selection and jump previous/next from toolbar

1.17.0, 2020-10-18

- Free & Pro: Data diff - completely new grid controls to fix some coloring glitches on large grids
- Free & Pro: Data diff - reduce memory leaks
- Free & Pro: Data diff - showing blank triangles on sortable columns
- Free & Pro: Showing hourglass on waiting for diff update after DB load
- Pro: Text diff - ability to show new/changed lines only
- Pro: Data Diff, Object List - consider new items block from one side followed by new block on other side as a jump target for new/previous change actions

1.16.8, 2020-07-30

- Free & Pro: Fix occasional application deaths on data diff (AccessViolationException)
- Free & Pro: Update SQLite dependencies for data diff local cache

1.16.7, 2020-07-24

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix NULL redraw issue, could appear for non-NULL values

1.16.6, 2020-06-25

- Free & Pro: Views, SPs, Functions and Triggers - ignoring difference between \n and \r\n line ending

1.16.5, 2020-06-08

- Free & Pro: Restored performance of loading views, stored procedures, functions and triggers

1.16.4, 2020-06-03

- Pro: Custom data diff - fixed hidden mapping type and sorting (was broken by 1.16.3)

1.16.3, 2020-05-29

- Free & Pro: Object list - fix replace action (was broken by 1.16.2)

1.16.2, 2020-05-25

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix text compare options
- Free & Pro: More correct parsing of object texts for views, SPs, functions and trigger, which fixes broken merge for renamed objects and also fixes some potential issues with comments at the beginning of the script
- Free & Pro: Data merge - fixed script generation for Time columns with fractional seconds for some non-US cultures
- Pro: Data merge/delete with 'Process all pages' option - don't try generate scripts for missing records, fix 'records to be processed' counter value for such cases
- Pro: Batch data diff - fixed changed count for geometry & geography data types
- Pro: Data diff, Query result diff - reset selected count on page/resultset change

1.16.1, 2020-05-15

- Free & Pro: Object list - fixed DROP statements for SPs and Functions (was broken by 1.16.0)
- Free & Pro: Object list - fix check for index existence when merging an existing index (was broken by 1.16.0)
- Free & Pro: Data diff cache folder - cleanup only files matching name template used by MssqlMerge
- Free & Pro: Fix merge data merge script progress for large amount of records
- Free & Pro: Improve data merge scripts generation performance
- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - reduce DB list timeout to 5 seconds
- Pro: Fix missing suggestion to merge all pages if current page (merge source or deletion target) has any deleted records

1.16.0, 2020-04-21

- Free & Pro: System requirements: application now requires .NET framework 4.7.2 or higher, discontinued support of SQL Server 2005, Windows XP, Vista and 8 (supported Windows 7, 8.1 and 10)
- Free & Pro: Data diff - using local cache for string and binary data and for data merge scripts, this should fix most of out-of-memory errors which could appear before; on UI strings are truncated to 100 characters
- Free & Pro: New 'Execute data script' dialog with options to run as transaction and stop of first error, new option to save script and results to file (save whole script to file and clipboard are available for Pro only)
- Free & Pro: Data diff and Batch data diff logic updated to support 232+ records. For Free which has no paging - large amount of data still may produce out-of-memory error, but little amount of changes should be calculated and shown for large tables in New/Changed/New+Changed modes
- Free & Pro: Object merge scripts - retreiving from SQL server and using for merge scripts QUOTENAME-d object names (fixes script errors for objects containing some special characters in name)
- Free & Pro: Table definition scripts - fix missing precision and scale for 'numeric' data types (was shown only for 'decimal')
- Free & Pro: App settings folder changed to %APPDATA%\MssqlMerge (removed trailing "\Pro")
- Free & Pro: Don't show 'Unknown error' dialog for out-of-memory errors and valid application errors like missing internet connection on trial activation
- Free & Pro: 'Unknown error' dialog - minor text adjustments
- Free & Pro: Increased DB connection timeout
- Free & Pro: License text and installation folder updated with new ThirdPartyNotices.txt file
- Pro: Batch data diff - new 'use sys.dm_db_partition_stats' option for faster total calculation on large tables
- Pro: Settings - new data diff 'Local cache folder' setting
- Free: Data diff limitations warning minor adjustments

1.15.0, 2020-01-26

- Free & Pro: Data diff - show NULL values explicitely
- Free & Pro: Data diff - grid interaction performance improvements
- Free & Pro: Unknown error dialog

1.14.2, 2020-01-11

- Free & Pro: Recent projects - added tooltip text
- Free & Pro: Recent projects - fixed history logic on loading project with already loaded other side
- Free: Recent projects - fix saving

1.14.1, 2019-12-24

- Free & Pro: Project tab - added 'Recent projects' bottom panel

1.14.0, 2019-12-18

- Free & Pro: Support computed column definitions, exclude them from merge statements
- Free & Pro: Fix missing seconds fractional part for datetime & datetime2 data scripts
- Pro: Introduced scripting support, MssqlMergeCmd.exe, initial version for data processing
- Pro: Batch data diff - added DL columns (foreign key dependency level)
- Pro: Data merge warning dialog (to process all pages)
- Pro: Settings - added Data Diff 'merge all pages' settings
- Pro: Settings dialog - fixed truncated window bottom

1.12.1, 2019-11-27

- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix diff & merge for table data of user-defined data type (for example nvarchar custom type data could be shown as byte array)
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix 'key not found' error for tables with hierarchyid primary key
- Free & Pro: Reading table definitions - fallback to 'unknown' data type if column type is not recognized (instead of skipping column)

1.12.0, 2019-11-24

- Free & Pro: Diff-only support for user-defined data types
- Free & Pro: Object list - Alt+C shortcut for 'Compare selected' option
- Free & Pro: Execute script dialog - update underlying tab right after Run (and before Close)
- Free & Pro: Making 'failed to load some objects' error as modal
- Free & Pro: Improved handling of some msdbs file open errors
- Free & Pro: Fix spelling for 'One or two files should be selected' error
- Pro: Data diff - fix first/next change navigation across pages (was jumping to 1st row no page)
- Pro: Excel - fix always-plus "exists in" value for object list
- Pro: Allow batch data diff only if both projects loaded
- Free: Fix error text on trying to compare uncomparable tables

1.11.2, 2019-08-02

- Pro: Custom data diff - fix failure to specify right column with name missing in the list of left columns
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - don't show if there are no columns to choose

1.11.1, 2019-07-16

- Free & Pro: Online help on F1 keyboard shortcut
- Free & Pro: Deny visual (not actual) object/row deletion from some data grids (object list, data diff, query result diff, custom data diff)
- Free & Pro: Find tab - acceleration keys, Alt+S (search for), Alt+L (left project) Alt+R (right project), Alt+W (match whole word), Alt+C (match case)
- Free & Pro: Rename field -> column in UI (data diff tab, query result diff tab, query key columns dialog, custom data diff dialog)
- Free & Pro: Execute script dialog - minor fix for IDENTITY_INSERT layout
- Free & Pro: Minor tooltip text update for select all/none actions
- Free & Pro: Activation dialog - help text minor updates
- Free: Data diff - allow sorting only on single-column primary key (was broken in 1.10.0)
- Free: Object list - hide bottom panel (was broken in 1.11.0)

1.11.0, 2019-06-11

- Free & Pro: Tab icons
- Free & Pro: Project panel object type icons
- Free & Pro: Dynamic tab header width
- Free & Pro: Some tab-specific actions moved to the separate toolbar
- Pro: Object list - text diff preview in the bottom (except indexes)
- Pro: Settings - 'max tab header width' on Appearance tab
- Pro: 'Trim trailing semicolon' text diff option
- Pro: Disable 'Compare selecteed' for table indexes (currently can't be supported)

1.10.4, 2019-06-02

- Pro: 'Trim trailing semicolon' text diff option

1.10.3, 2019-05-25

- Free & Pro: show loaded project names in application title
- Pro: Query result diff - fix STA error for basic and customized field mappings
- Pro: Query result diff - fix error on row selection by space
- Pro: Query diff view - remove "no paging" label (AccdbMerge artefact)

1.10.2, 2019-04-17

- Pro: Diff overview in scrollbar (for object list, data diff, text diff, batch data diff, query result diff)
- Pro: Data diff - fix sorting (was broken by background processing)
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix some jump prev/next issues related to sorting

1.10.1, 2019-03-28

- Pro: fix 'open new instance' for password authentication

1.10.0, 2019-03-20

- Free & Pro: Data diff - run in background
- Free & Pro: Project reload warning and options
- Free & Pro: Zoom button splinted into separate zoom in / zoom out buttons
- Free & Pro: Improved processing of unexpected failures
- Pro: Batch data diff - column sorting
- Pro: Settings - new 'Appearance' tab with 'Don't resize toolbar on application zoom' option
- Pro: Command line - /srv /db /user /psw keys support (with Left/Right suffix each)

1.9.7, 2019-02-24

- Free & Pro: Improved database object reading error handling
- Free & Pro: Read and show WITH ENCRIPTION objects names with blocked definition link
- Free & Pro: Fix 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types' data diff error
- Free & Pro: Don't try to load user-defined table types for 2005
- Free & Pro: Database open dialog - remember last server names, 'use both' and 'display password' flags
- Pro: Fix missing trigger text from per-table drilldown
- Pro: Don't consider trigger changes to identify table change (the same as for Free, trigger changes listed separately on Project tab)
- Pro: Fixed triggers drop script
- Pro: fixed object list/count refresh after trigger import/deletion
- Free: Relaxed data diff limitation - allow all supported data types and two-column primary keys
- Free: Object list - fixed blocked by-mouse selection of the top item in list

1.9.6, 2019-02-06

- Free & Pro: Open dialog usability fixes (tab order, saving Save/Load expanded state)
- Free & Pro: Start license dialog keyboard navigation improvements, updated Help text

1.9.5, 2018-10-27

- Free & Pro: Object list merge - fix hide of other object types
- Pro: Query result diff - remove command timeout, show execution time, add Field Mapping button, add access keys
- Pro: Batch data diff - add access keys, add F5 shortcut to Run

1.9.4, 2018-10-25

- Free & Pro: Project tab - use grid to show counts
- Free & Pro: Improve database reading performance
- Free & Pro: Project tab - 'reload' action

1.9.3, 2018-10-16

- Free & Pro: Object list - 'Compare selected' and 'Replace' commands

1.9.2, 2018-10-14

- Pro: Quick filter (Alt+F) for Object List and Batch Data Diff
- Free & Pro: Data diff - 'Case insensitive' and 'Ignore whitespace' string compare options
- Free & Pro: Misc. keyboard manupulation improvements (switch panes, selection from object list, data diff, batch data diff)
- Pro: Batch Data Diff - more responsive progress
- Pro: fix 'Selected fields are not unique in the left project' message for error on the right project

1.9.1, 2018-09-25

- Pro: Fix triggers loading

1.9.0, 2018-09-11

- Pro: Initial user-defined table types support (diff only)
- Free & Pro: Project panel - added DIFF ONLY tip for non-mergeable object types
- Free & Pro: Fix error on record selection column click
- Pro: Fix project load failure if tables and/or triggers are not chosen to load
- Pro: Indexes - fixed DESC reading
- Pro: Query result diff - disable 'show new/changed' actions if there is no execution result

1.8.2, 2018-07-26

- Free & Pro: Main window zoom
- Free & Pro: Fix disabled toolbar button state until any click after single database load
- Pro: Center by main window 'Settings' and 'Custom Data Diff' dialogs
- Free: *.msdbs files support
- Free: Deny 'navigate changes' keyboard shortcut (Pro feature, was available by mistake)

1.8.1, 2018-07-18

- Pro: Settings - 'Database Open' tab. Specify object types to load and filter by name/schema

1.8.0, 2018-07-09

- Pro: Table unique constraints support
- Pro: Indexes - fixed export crash from object list

1.7.0, 2018-07-02

- Pro: Table indexes support
- Free & Pro: Text diff - show line numbers
- Pro: Text diff - sync horizontal scroll in bottom panel

1.6.0, 2018-02-15

- Pro: Check constraints support
- Pro: Default constraints support

1.5.1, 2018-01-25

- Pro: Project tab - drilldown to batch data diff

1.5.0, 2017-11-23

- Free & Pro: Object lists - adjust Name column width to take more available space
- Pro: Foreign keys support

1.4.0, 2017-09-27

- Free & Pro: Text diff options (ignore case, ignore whitespaces)

1.3.5, 2017-03-10

- Free & Pro: Fix broken batch selection in table diff
- Free & Pro: Fix data diff&merge for tables using reserved MSSQL keywords
- Free & Pro: Fix application title in 'about license' window
- Pro: Query result diff - no key mapping by default
- Free: Fix unsupported data types message

1.3.4, 2016-11-11

- Free & Pro: Improve DB loading performance (including parallel loading)

1.3.3, 2016-11-01

- Free & Pro: Improve DB loading performance
- Pro: Query result diff - show scroll bars for query text if needed

1.3.2, 2016-09-15

- Free & Pro: Using square brackets for fields in data merge statements

1.3.1, 2016-05-19

- Free & Pro: Added some shortcuts
- Free & Pro: Project tab - added new+changed count
- Free & Pro: freeze row selection column
- Free & Pro: fix identity detection for non-dbo tables
- Free & Pro: fix PK constraint name for tables with spaces
- Free & Pro: fix application hang on Esc in initial choose license window
- Pro: Custom data diff - Merge & Delete
- Pro: ability to adjust field mapping in data diff
- Pro: Query Result Diff - initialize right query text with left one on 'split query'

1.3.0, 2015-09-16

- Free & Pro: "Open database(s)" action performance improvements
- Free & Pro: minor UI and user interaction adjustments
- Pro: query result diff
- Pro: data diff - updated sql_variant comparison logic, take into account value data type
- Pro: query key fields dialog - focus on the list and select first item by default
- Free: ability to get a Pro trial

1.2.0, 2015-02-22

- Free & Pro: data diff & object list - record deletion
- Free & Pro: for narrow data grids - select row on click outside of table columns
- Free & Pro: object list - fix error "'System.Windows.Documents.Run' is not a Visual or Visual3D"
- Free & Pro: close dialogs on Esc
- Free & Pro: minor DB loading progress improvements
- Pro: custom data diff
- Pro: updated comparison logic for geo & sql_variant data types
- Pro: fixed excel output for datetimeoffset, hierarchyid, time and uniqueidentifier
- Pro: batch data diff - combined columns Primary Key & Common Key
- Pro: batch data diff - fixed broken column labels
- Pro: excel export - include DB name in project label
- Pro: object list & batch data diff - move prev/next change
- Pro: batch data diff - show all/new/changed

1.1.0, 2014-12-17

- Pro: data diff for views
- Pro: fixed click on view name from batch data diff (join keys are not required to show the sql text view)

1.0.0, 2014-12-14

- Free & Pro: SQL Azure support
- Free & Pro: object list - fixed "duplicate key" error on selection
- Free & Pro: improved DB connection failure handling
- Free & Pro: installation package
- Pro: batch data diff
- Pro: no data diff limitations
- Pro: Previous/Next change buttons for text diff and data diff
- Pro: selected row diff in the bottom for object list, text diff and data diff
- Pro: changes summary for object list, text diff and data diff
- Pro: paging for data diff
- Pro: drill-down from Find window to the object definition
- Pro: save db settings to *.msdbs files (with command line support)

0.1.5, 2014-09-02

- error handling for objects retrieved by sp_helptext (i.e. all except tables)
- don't try to load CLR functions (they are currently not supported)

0.1.4, 2014-03-26

- data merge
- batch selection for new / changed / new+changed views
- data diff - exclude timestamp values from data comparison
- data diff - detect comparable fields on exact data type equality

0.1.3, 2014-03-12

- initial public version