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Frequently Asked Questions

About application

I can not observe/merge some particular database change.

MySQL and MariaDB are complex products providing a big variety to define database objects. We try to support the most typical database diff and merge use cases and also we try to keep our tools as simple as possible. It may happen that some feature is not supported by our application. Please check the Known Issues ⇗ help page to see the list of known issues and limitations.

Where is x64?

Currently the application is provided only as x86 binary. It works fine on Windows x64. We have tested x64 binaries and have not found any significant performance degradation. Since we need to support both x86 and x64 (the min supported OS is Windows 7 SP1), we have decided to release only x86 binaries which work fine both on x86 and x64 OS. Separate x64 binary would require additional efforts and significant time to prepare releases.

Some action/button/hyperlink is disabled. Is it a bug?

Application button (or some other action/hyperlink) can be disabled if some conditions are not met. Many buttons have tooltips describing button action that appear when you hover the mouse over it. If the button is disabled then such a tooltip can contain additional text explaining the reason why it is disabled.

I use a Pro version. I have installed the latest version and now getting an error "Your free upgrades time frame has finished"

That error message also explains that your order was made more than a year ago and shows a "released before" date. You may use any app version released before that date. Older versions can be downloaded from the What's New page. If you would like to continue receiving updates for another year, you can obtain a license key prolongation at the 50% of the regular price. Please contact sales@ksdbmerge.tools to get a prolongation discount. To avoid such issues you can check for updates in the application. New version notification in the application will be flagged with a corresponding notice if your license key can not be used for this update.

Other questions (licensing, orders, etc.)

Can I use a single-user license for business?

Yes, you can. A company or organization can obtain a single-user license for employee and use it for business, but such a license must include an employee name and can not be transferred to a different person. If you need a transferable license, please consider a multi-user license.

How can I request a quote?

Please contact sales@ksdbmerge.tools to request a quote.