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Execute script dialog

Opened to review and run script for merge, replace and delete actions performed using merge to right, merge to left, replace to right, replace to left, delete left and delete right toolbar actions.

It is opened from Object list and Table structure diff tabs to review scripts for processed database objects:

for PostgreSQL, execute script dialog

and from Data diff tab to review scripts for data merge/delete actions:

for PostgreSQL, execute data script dialog

In case of data diff, if processed table has an auto-increment column, this dialog shows Import existing serial, identity or other auto-generated primary key values on INSERT option to merge the data with the same auto-increment values instead of generating new values. If applicable, enabled by default. If it is applicable (shown) and disabled - then even after merge Data Diff can still show changes because new records will get new IDs and will be considered as different.

Run action executes displayed script, information about script execution will be shown in the bottom Execution result text area. If there will be any errors from SQL server - they will be shown here as well.

Free version limitations:

  • Data merge/delete script has no Copy ALL to clipboard and Save ALL to file actions
  • Data record count to be processed is not shown
  • Data merge/delete - no First/Last record buttons

Last updated: 2023-10-06