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Open protected files dialog

This dialog is opened with Open protected file(s) toolbar action or using 'Open database with password' action on each side of the Home tab.

for SQLite, open database dialog

SQLCipher encryption type is using SQLitePCL.raw library to open SQLCipher-protected files. In addition to password, this encryption type requires a number of PRAGMA calls to SQLite to setup other encryption options. They must be listed in Apply PRAGMAs when opening connection section. Couple of PRAGMAs presets are available for encryption used by the popular Microsoft.Data.Sqlite library.

Test connection actions available to test encryption settings without closing dialog. Once clicked, it shows nearby 'Good' for successful connection or error text for failure.

If you often connect to the same databases, you can save these connection options to *.sqlts files as suggested on this dialog using Save action for each side. However please note that passwords are saved as plain text, so you should save these files to the safe location. These *.sqlts files can be opened directly from the main application window using Open database(s) toolbar action or using command line arguments.

Free version limitations:

  • The whole dialog is not available

Last updated: 2021-02-09