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Text diff tab

This tab allows to compare text definition of some particular database programming object (like view or trigger) or text column value:

for SQLite, text diff tab

Vertical toolbar between two panels contains additional tab-specific actions:

  • Open data diff for the current table/view
  • Open data diff for the current table/view filtered only to new and changed records
  • Open table structure diff tab for the current table, applicable only for tables
  • Ignore case
  • Ignore leading and trailing whitespaces
  • Ignore all whitespaces
  • Ignore empty lines
  • Show tab and space characters (the state of this toggle is synchronized with the same toggle in the Object list bottom text preview)

Main text area highlights new and changed lines (whole line highlighted), bottom panel shows selected line with per-character changes highlighted. Top panel shows text changes summary: total number of rows, new, changed and new+changed line counts. Note that when you change text comparison options like ignore case or white spaces - changes highlight and new/changed totals can be changed because of different text comparison rules.

You can filter text lines to show only new, changed or new+changed lines. In this case most of the unchanged lines are collapsed and can be shown using Expand above/Expand below actions in the text. Number of unchanged lines shown by default is configured in the settings dialog, on the 'Text diff' tab, option 'New/changed view additional lines count'.

Free version limitations:

  • Show all/new/changed toolbar actions are not available
  • Not available bottom panel with selected line details
  • No jump to the next/previous change
  • No changes highlight in scrollbar
  • No 'Open data diff' and 'Open table structure diff' actions
  • No 'Show tab and space characters' action

Last updated: 2024-04-23