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Activation dialog

MssqlMerge can run in two modes - basic free version and paid Pro mode that provides extended functionality. On the first run application opens this dialog, asking you to choose which application mode would you prefer - Free, Pro Trial or to activate purchased key for Pro:

for SQL Server, activation dialog

Trial mode provides the same functionality as Pro for the period of two weeks. It has no functional limitations compared to Pro. When Trial expires, application will show the same Activation dialog, suggesting you to switch to Free or Pro mode.

Note that trial activation requires direct internet connection. If you don't have it, you can get a trial key by email. Please click on Help link - it will show another view with your application instance id:

for SQL Server, activation dialog help

Send an email to support@ksdbmerge.tools with offline trial activation request and provide in that email your Application Instance Id. Then click 'Go back' and 'Cancel' to close the application and wait for an email with a trial activation key. Once it is retrieved, start the application again, choose option 'Enter MssqlMerge license key', put your key here and click OK.

Free version limitations:

  • None

Last updated: 2023-10-02