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Settings dialog

This dialog is used to setup application settings:

for MS Access, settings dialog

Each tab has self-descripting options. Here are some more details on the use cases when you may need to change these options.

File Open

  • Object types group specified which object definitions will be loaded and compared
  • Load field properties enables to load table field properties like Format, Required, etc. This will allow to merge tables, fields and their properties, but this can significantly affect database open performance
  • Database open/reload group allows you to change the behaviour you've chosen previously using Database reload dialog
  • Background processing of database loading allows to use Access application in the background, in turn it makes it possible to open database pairs in parallel

Data diff

This tab configures default behavior for the Data diff tab:

  • Paging specifies default page size
  • Data Merge group specifies the default behavior of batch selection for the merge action
  • String compare options defines the default state of ignore case and ignore leading and trailing whitespaces toolbar action states

Text diff

  • Text compare options group defines the default state of ignore case, ignore leading and trailing whitespaces and ignore all whitespaces toolbar action states for the Text diff tab
  • Forms & Reports defines the default state of both layout and module, module only, layout, ignore form/layout binary content and version&checksum for forms and reports toolbar action states for the Text diff tab
  • Form & Report definition compression, Queries and Text diff tab groups with self-descripting comments

Table Structure Diff

This tab has a number of self-descripting options specifying which table attributes are taken into account to recognize table definition as changed.


  • Application appearance has options affecting application UI. Don't resize toolbar on application zoom allows to keep toolbar unchanged when you zoom application UI using and zoom toolbar actions. Max tab header width specifies the maximum width of tab in pixels for the main application tab control.
  • Ambiguous object names due to case differences, Excel reports and Backup on objects merge/delete options have comprehensive descriptions.

Free version limitations:

  • The whole dialog is not available

Last updated: 2023-12-17